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Sustainability Policy

''The bank's strategy fits naturally with our sustainability commitments. We understand sustainability not as a separate activity but instead as a value that is fully incorporated into our daily work. Ethics, integrity and responsibility are the guiding principles of conduct for all our actions. Our commitment with Bankinter stakeholders is articulated in two ways. On one hand, we have an advanced corporate governance model, in line with the international best practices. Moreover, our Sustainability Plan, which we call 'Tic Tac Toe' aligns the business with how we manage the three corporate core areas: the economic, the social and the environmental.''
Excerpt from Mr. Pedro Guerrero's letter
Included in Integrated Annual Report 2015.

In order to drive the initiatives necessary to integrate the Bank's economic, environmental and social dimensions into a sustainable development model, a Sustainability Committee was set up in 2009 as the body responsible for guiding the Group's sustainability policy and programmes.
 The principles governing the Sustainability policy are presented below.
Principles of the Sustainability Policy
  1. The promotion of best practices of corporate governance in management, ensuring compliance with the legislation, responsible finances, transparency, ethics in business and suitable risk management.

  2. The development of products and services aimed at our customers and the establishment of a balanced, transparent and clear relationship.

  3. Taking into consideration the economic, social and environmental impacts in the design of its products and services.

  4. The financial integration of people with disabilities, guaranteeing them access to Bankinter's services on equal terms, ensuring there is no discrimination for this reason through the "A Bank for All" Project.

  5. The advanced management of people as the bank's most important capital, promoting their wellbeing and motivation through conciliation measures, personal and professional development and health promotion.

  6. The contribution to the social development of the community in which the bank operates, both through its own activity and through initiatives aimed at the citizenry, through the Bankinter Foundation for Innovation, for collaboration with the third sector and the corporate voluntary work programme.

  7. The undertaking of its activity in the most environmentally conscious way, involving its main interest groups.

  8. The responsible management of the chain of suppliers, fostering a positive mutual influence society for the improvement of the social, ethical and environmental fulfillment.

  9. The incorporation of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in the analysis of investment and financing.

  10. The acceptance of the collected commitments contained in international protocols and standards, implementing their best practices.

This Sustainability Policy has been approved by the Bankinter Board of Directors on the recommendation of the Appointments and Corporate Governance Committe, in Madrid on 20 January 2016.
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