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"The bank´s strategy conforms naturally to our sustainability obligations. We understand sustainability not as a separate activity, but as a value part of our daily activities. Ethics, integrity and responsibility form the conduct guidelines for our operations. We honour our commitment towards Bankinter´s various interest groups in two ways. On the one hand, we have an advanced corporate governance model, in line with international best practices. On the other hand, our "Three-in-a-Row" Sustainability Plan aligns our operations with three business dimensions concerning the economy, society and the environment"
 D. Pedro Guerrero, Chairman of Bankinter


 Sustainability policy
  1. Promoting the best corporate governance practices in management so as to ensure compliance with the law, responsible finances, transparency, ethical business and proper risk management.

  2. Developing products and services designed for our customers and establishing a balanced, transparent and clear relationship.

  3. Considering economic, social and environmental impacts on product and service design.

  4. Involving persons with disabilities in finance by guaranteeing their access to Bankinter services on equal footing and thus ensuring non-discrimination through the "A bank for everyone" project.

  5. Implementing advanced management practices for the bank´s people as its main asset, in order to promote their well-being and motivation through reconciliation, personal and professional development and healthy living.

  6. Helping social development in the community where the bank operates, both through its own activity and initiatives for all citizens, with the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, collaborative efforts with not-for-profit organisations and the corporate volunteering programme.

  7. Developing the bank´s activity in the most environmentally conscious manner with the involvement of its main stakeholders.

  8. Managing the supply chain responsibly and having a mutually positive influence for better social, ethical and environment action.

  9. Incorporating environmental, social and governing standards into investment and financing analyses.

  10. Assuming the obligations set out in international protocols and standards and adopting best practices.


Policy on Human Rights
Bankinter´s human rights policy states its commitment to respecting, supporting and protecting human rights in its operations and in regard to its stakeholders within the environment in which it operates.
Inclusion and Diversity Policy
In carrying out its activities, Bankinter recognises the value of individual differences and actively promotes diversity in its talent management procedures.


Environmental policy
This firm commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment is included in the Bank's Environmental Policy, which establishes the means and procedures for the activities whose environmental performance has room for continuous improvement.
In driving the actions and initiatives aimed at improving environmental performance, the Sustainability Area is supported by the Sustainability Committee, the body responsible for guiding the Group's sustainability policy and programmes.
Sector policies

In its Control and Risk Management Framework, Bankinter has defined "Principles related to the sustainability of investment" related to particularly controversial or risky sectors financing, and where social and environmental impacts can be significant. To this end, Bankinter has developed  "Sector Financing Guidelines" to establish the measures and benchmarks that the Bank will follow in its decision making, always taking into account, and when possible, the best international practices and standards.
These guidelines reflect Bankinter's commitment to sustainable development and the Bank focus on the follow-up of good practices by its clients. Extracts from them are presented hereunder:

Bankinter is committed to follow up on these guides and their correct application, as well as to its continuous revision, taking into account the best international practices and recommendations. The ultimate goal of these policies is to boost a transition of clients towards the best social, economic and environmental practices in the countries and communities in which they operate.




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