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Sustainability Plan

We make our move for Sustainability
2016-2020 Sustainability Plan
In furtherance of the first 'Tres en Raya' plan (in English, 'three in a row'), which covered the period between 2012 and 2015, Bankinter has designed a new sustainability plan (with the same name) for the period between 2016 and 2020. Like its predecessor, this new plan is also based on three main elements, but with more strategic measures and expanded programmes. The plan?s purpose is still to address three major crises recognised in 2012 that persist in 2016: the economic crisis due to economic model change; the social crisis due to demographic change; and the environmental crisis due to climate change.
The new sustainability plan has been activated in connection with the new sustainability policy unveiled by the board of directors of Bankinter in January 2016. This policy?s principles aim to promote sustainable development in the environment in which Bankinter operates in accordance with its three strategic pillars regarding quality, innovation and technology as well as the bank?s corporate values.
To ensure that its ten principles are followed, this new plan was drawn up as a result of a prior analysis of how Bankinter?s activity impacts its environment and vice versa. A materiality analysis was also conducted to identify the most important matters to Bankinter?s stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and general society) and prepare an action plan for the bank to address their expectations. The 2016-2020 Sustainability Plan contains 18 strategic measures to deal with economic, social and environmental matters.

The body in charge of proposing and implementing the strategic plan is the sustainability committee. It prepares and carries out the plan?s initiatives, integrating the principles of the sustainability policy in each area of the bank in a comprehensive manner, consistent with the global strategy of Bankinter..
Economic axis: E1.Good governance; E2. Responsible finance;E3. Customer-oriented services; E4 Socially responsible investing;; E5. Sustainable products;E6. Responsible supplier management;E7. Corporate cultire/brand;E8. Structure.Social Axis: S1. Fonancial inclusion;S2.Advanced people management; S3 Fundación Innovación;S4. Volunteering;S5. Society;S6.Social footprint managenet, S7.Structure.A1.Climate change estrategy: carbon footprint;A2. Environmental mangement system. A3. Structure.
Integrated Annual Report 2016 (See footnote 1)Open document Opens in new window (4,6 MB) PDF document
Integrated Annual Report 2015Open documentOpens in new window (4,13 KB) PDF document
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(1) The Integrated Annual Report 2016 has been slightly updated in relation to the Report published on February 22, 2017, however it does not affect to the independent limited assurance Report about sustainability indicators issued by PwC on February 22, 2017.


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