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Volunteer work
The Bank considers that its greatest contribution to the development of society and its environment must come from its own activity and knowledge of the financial and business world. In this respect, a qualified volunteer programme has been promoted for collaborating with foundations and NGOs on projects that require financial training or management, so as to facilitate inclusion in the labour market and entrepreneurship.
Bankinter has a specific volunteer-work website called "Mueve.te", through which employees can propose participation in working sessions of social or environmental interest, giving them the opportunity to transform some of their personal concerns into solidarity initiatives, or they can consult and register with those sessions undertaken by the Bank.
Cooperation with the third sector
"Involvement and Solidarity" Programme
The profits obtained from the Solidarios Bankinter Card are donated in their entirety to social action projects sponsored by Bank employees.
Solidarity Accounts
A system for alerting the public to humanitarian emergencies has been developed for the website with a view to collecting donations from customers wishing to help mitigate these emergencies. Bankinter also has a system for sending instant message (SMS) alerts in emergencies.
Associations membership
Bankinter is present in various associations from where it works and shows its support for the development of initiatives in the following areas:
  • - Innovation and entrepreneurship: Bankinter Innovation Foundation, Greenweekends, Circularweekends, Mashumano Foundation, etc.
  • - Financial sector working groups: Spanish Association of Banking, Chambers of Commerce,IMEX business meetings.
  • - Communication and responsible advertising: Autocontrol, Communication and CSR directors associations, Spanish Association of advertisers.
  • - Sustainability: Equator principles, London Benchmarking Group, Global Compact, Foretica, Climate Change, Social Impact and Transparency Clusters.
  • -Brand and reputation: Corporate Excellence,Reputation working groups.


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