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Responsible supply chain management
Bankinter has a supplier relationship model based on collaboration, clarity, transparency and access to complete and accurate information. The Bank has established a single procurement procedure for all Group companies and guarantees transparency, free competition, equality and efficiency in all actions.
Bankinter has a Suppliers Code of Conduct that forms the set of basic principles of practice and rules of professional conduct that ought to govern the actions of all its suppliers and establishes the ethical values that have traditionally existed in relations with them. The purpose of the code is to ensure that all suppliers and subcontracted companies comply with the stipulations of the United Nations Global Compact, encourage sustainable development, ensure human rights, observe employment regulations and promote environmental protection, among other things. In short, it aims to make sure that suppliers share and respect the ethical values that guide the conduct of the Group and its employees.
Moreover, to approve suppliers, Bankinter has put in place a procedure for categorising its main suppliers based on of environmental and social standards, in addition to other standards about price, product quality, suppliers´ solvency, work-related risks and safety. Furthermore, all suppliers sign a standard form agreement that includes an environmental and a social covenant.


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