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Bankinter's value proposition to its customers is based on providing excellent quality of service, constant innovation in products and services and a wide range of multi-channel banking options facilitating their dealings with the Bank.
To ascertain customers? perceptions and hear their suggestions for improvement and their expectations of the Bank, Bankinter continually carries out satisfaction surveys to measure the impact of the service customers receive in its distribution networks and service channels as well as in the selling of specific products and services.
Trends in the degree of customer satisfaction and intention to recommend, together with complaints and claims to the Customer Service department are key factors for drawing up action plans in each of the various areas of the Bank.
In our customers' opinion, Bankinter's strengths are rooted in the combination of people (professionalism and advice) and its multi-channel approach (accessing the Bank from any device). The factors rated highest by customers in their dealing with the Branch Network were employees? competence and professionalism, the treatment and service that customers receive at the branch, speed in resolving banking queries and procedures and the dedication and advice of their personal account manager.
The Bank also has a Protocol for customer service and a Manual for attending to persons with disabilities with a view to adapting to and covering all its customers' needs and motivations.
Bankinter periodically evaluates its branch network?s sales and customer service processes, using outside observers in order to identify aspects with room for improvement in relations with existing and potential customers and consequently to take the necessary action to improve their overall satisfaction.
Customer Service
The Customer Service department centralises the handling of complaints and claims relating to financial services provided by the Bank, the prevention and reduction of errors in the provision of services and the corresponding notifications to customers. Its mission is to ensure a high level of quality in their resolution by means of applying uniform criteria and standardising response times, as well as promoting their reduction and providing management information to all areas of the Bank.
External Ombudsman
Customers of the Bank can address their complaints to the External Ombudsman, either because they disagree with the way Customer Service has resolved an issue, or directly if they so prefer.
Claims Service of the Bank of Spain
Customers disagreeing with the response from Customer Service or the External Ombudsman may address their claims to the Claims Service of the Bank of Spain.
Data Protection
Bankinter has always been one of the pioneering companies in its commitment to the protection of personal data and the confidentiality of information, and in offering its customers measures that ensure compliance at all times with the law.
Access to data protection policy: Data protection policy clause
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