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Carbon Footprint Project

Bankinter controls the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases deriving from its activity by calculating its overall carbon footprint, with a view to be able to take the necessary measures to mitigate its contribution to climate change.
Bankinter has been calculating its carbon footprint since 2007. With this global analysis of emissions (direct, indirect and induced), the Bank is preparing ahead of time for the initiatives of the European Commission and the Spanish government in their proposals that companies should report emission data beyond Scope 1 (direct emissions).
The environmental footprint is calculated and verified annually by an independent certifying agency in accordance with the UNE EN ISO 14064 carbon footprint standard.
The Bank has also calculated the carbon footprint associated with the use of channels of communication, with a view to promoting the use of the most eco-efficient channels.
Reports and Statements
Carbon footprint report 2016 Bankinter EspañaOpen document (in spanish)Opens in new window (7,14 MB) PDF document
GHG emissions Statement 2016 Bankinter España Open document (in spanish)Opens in new window (1,98 MB) PDF document
Carbon footprint report 2016 Bankinter PortugalOpen Document (in portuguese lenguage) Opens in new window (749 KB) PDF document
GHG emissions Statement 2016 Bankinter PortugalOpen document (in portuguese lenguage)Opens in new window (289 KB) PDF document
Objective 1:Reduce our direct emissions. What did we do in 2016? Exhaustive control of possible air conditioning leaks. Control of consumption by the bank properties through remote management. KPI Tonne CO2e/employee, 2016 o.o89;2016 Target check (-1%);2017 target (-1%).Footnote: Emissions have been reduced by 1.6% per employee.
Objective 2: Reduce our electricity consumption. What did we do in 2016? Proyects to replace equipment withmore efficent ones (ACS equipment in Alcobendas) Improvements in automation and control of consumption in our buildings. KPI MWh/employee; 2016 5.07;2016 Target check (-2%);2017 Target (-2%), Footnote:Electricity consumption has been reduced by 4.8% per employee.
Objective 3: Reduce oor induced emissions. What we do in 2016? Promotion of alternative communication platforms (conference calls for internal meetings, video calls wirh clients) awareness campaigns, goos environmental practices, webmail campaigns. KPI Tonne CO2e/employee;2016 2.15;2016 Target cross(-1%) 2017 Target (-1%).Footnote:Emissions from corporate travel have been increased due to increased commercial activity and the Portugal Proyect. Overall ther have increased by 0.11% per employee.
Objective 4: Offset our direct emissions. What we do in 2016? Bankinter has offset its 2015 direct annual emissions and those od the sustainable branch by participating in the 'Conservation of the Amazon in Madre de Dios in Peru' Proyect as part of the Ecology and Development Fundation's Zero CO2 initiative. KPI Tonne CO2 and offset;2016 414;2016 Target check (Direct emissions);2017 Target Carbon Neutrality.
Objective 5: Reduce our paper consumption.What we do in 2016? Awareness campaigns and good environmental practices, web mail campaigns for customers, implementation of user access for printers. KPI Tonne of paper/employee;2016 0.08; 2016 Target check (-2%);2017 Target (-2%). Foot note: Paper consumption was reduced by 23.7% per employee in 2016.
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