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Socially responsible products

Bankinter Sustainability, FI
In 2012 Bankinter launched the Bankinter Sustainability Fund, a global equities fund that invests in companies included in sustainable, environmental and social responsibility (CSR) indices, and this fund is posting excellent performances in terms of profitability.
Bankinter also provides all its customers with access to investment funds that are managed by internationally renowned fund managers.
Fondo Sostenible 2013. Invertir en empresas que hacen las cosas bien es hacer las cosas todavía mejor
Utilities Protection Insurance
Free-of-charge service insurance coverage of up to 300 euros per month offered to Payroll Plus account holders, in order to protect the direct debits for electricity, water, landline telephone and gas from contingencies of unemployment (for employed people) or temporary incapacity (for the self-employed and civil servants).
Hal Cash
A service enabling you to send an instant, secure, cash transfer from your bank or savings bank to any beneficiary's mobile phone. This system helps unbanked people to access financial services, and in particular it enables immigrants to send money back to their home countries more cheaply, quickly and transparently.
The beneficiary can withdraw the money from available ATMs in the USA, Spain, Ecuador, Morocco and Poland.
Bankinter Solidarity Visa Card
Credit card, the profits on which, from maintenance fees, are donated by the Bank to social action projects. Additionally, customers are offered the possibility of donating a percentage of the value of purchases made.
The donations to solidarity projects form part of the Involvement and Solidarity Programme, which involves the employees who present the projects, the company that chooses the short-listed projects, and clients who are Solidarity Visa cardholders.
"Sin Más" ("Nothing else") Mortgage
This mortgage is the first to be secured solely by the residential property, in response to existing social demand. In the event of default, the debt is cleared by handing over the property, with no other claims against the customer?s other current or future assets being possible once the dation has taken place.
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