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Sustainable Products

The main Bankinter products that incorporate sustainability attributes in their design are as follows:
Bankinter Sustainability Fund
This fund invests inequities in the main social and environmental responsibility indexes. At the end of 2020, it had assets of more than 54 million euros and returns of 1.48%.
Energy Efficiency and Environment Fund
This fund invests in equities of companies involved in improving the efficiency of energy use and transport, the storage of electricity, automation and the improvement of industrial productivity, reduction of the environmental impact of using fossil fuels and renewable energies. At the end of 2020, it had assets of more than 18 million euros and returns of 20.94%.
Responsible investment funds
The Bank makes more than 1,100 internationally prestigious funds that invest with responsible criteria available to its customers, with assets of more than 2.9 billion euros. They invest in companies dedicated to renewable energies, innovation and technology, and reducing the impact of climate change, or that are included in the main sustainability indexes.
Green bonds
Bankinter coordinated the first green bond program on the alternative fixed income market (MARF), registered by the company Grenergy Renovables with a value of 50 million euros. It has also published a Framework Agreement for green bonds, which is accredited by Sustainalytics (a second-party opinion company). The first issuance of these green bonds took place in January 2020 for the amount of 750 million euros.
Investment in venture capital firms and companies that invest in sustainable products
The fund held 4.3% and 4.6% interests, respectively, in Ysios Bio fund I and II (biotechnology and life sciences), 10% in Going Green (electric automation), and 2.5% in CPE Private Equity LP (clean technologies).
Helia Renovables
In 2017, the Bank entered into a partnership with Plenum Partners to create Helia Renovables, a venture capital fund to invest in renewable energy.
Other alternative venture capital funds
The Titan fund, which invests in infrastructure (renewables, energy, transport, social infrastructure, etc.), and the VStudent fund, which focuses on student residences.
Pension fund managed with sustainability criteria
This is a mixed equity plan that will invest between 50% and 75% of its assets in the equities of companies around the world that meet environmental, social, and good corporate governance standards. It will invest the rest in green bonds issued by private companies and the public debt of OECD countries.
Green/sustainable loans
Bankinter is already working on green loans and other financings with clauses linked to sustainability performance.
InnovFin agreement
The Bank continues to support the InnovFin2014 program, under the framework of Horizon 2020. It aims to support the financing of Spanish companies with fewer than 500 workers that conduct research and innovation activities and projects. Bankinter has signed an agreement with the European Investment Bank to provide financing to SMEs and mid-caps to finance their investments in Spain and Portugal.
This system facilitates access to financial services for groups that do not have bank accounts. It enables customers to send money to any person's mobile phone so that they can withdraw it from an ATM without using a credit card.
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