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Our Brand

For Bankinter, the trademark is:
  • - The promise of an experience; a unique experience based on the quality of what we do and how we do it.
  • - The origin of our identify, what makes us different;
  • - The emotional and rational "contract" that we establish with our different audiences.
The spirit of the Bankinter trademark is to be exceptional every day.
It is essential for Bankinter to be exceptional every day. It is what enables us to be the pioneer bank of reference in Spain. We were the first to create Internet banking, the first to introduce mobile banking and the first to send text messages to confirm card payments. By being exceptional every day, we have got where we are now, and will continue to be one step ahead of the rest in the future.
We invite you to know in depth how we interpret the brand, what are the basic elements and how we use it, in our brand site.


With specialiced companies that add value to help generate profit.
Bankinter Group Entities: Bankinter S.A logo. Independent companies under Bankinter Brand: logos of: bankinter securities, bankinter Gestión de Activos, Bankinter Seguros Generales, Bankinter Seguros de Vida, Bankinter Capital Riesgo, bankinter investment, bankinter banking in luxemburg, Bankinter Global Services, Bankinter Consumer Finance , bankintercard, fundación innovación bankinter. Independent companies with endorse: Logos of : EVO Banca inteligente, Linea Directa,  popcoin. Independent companies: Logos of:  Avant Money.
A recognised, consolidated trademark
The Bankinter trademark has been acknowledged by some of the most renowned trademark institutions in the world. Not only did they recognise the correct development and management of the bank's image, but the willingness to explore other than conventional routes and enable a distinct, successful banking model:
Sello superbrand
4th ESADE Trademark Centre awards. April 2009.
Granted by the prestigious ESADE higher education centre, in collaboration with Accenture and the Expansión newspaper, they specifically target trademark strategies created and/or developed in Spain, targeting both end consumers and users (B2C) and professionals and businesses (B2B), which have been capable of adding measurable value based on results.
In the 4th Trademark Centre awards, Bankinter won the prize in the 'Corporate Trademark' category, with special emphasis on value development activities aimed at all our stakeholders, clients, shareholders, employees, society in general and other publics of interest.
Since 2009, Superbrands has been selecting Bankinter as one of the 25 Trademarks of Excellence on the Spanish market, with special value given to the efforts made to position Bankinter as a different bank by other than merely rational elements.
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