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Cookies policy

We use first- and third-party cookies to improve our services; customise our website; help our users browse; collect measurements and statistics about site use; and identify users in our services.
What is a cookie?
A 'cookie' is a file that is downloaded onto your hardware (computer or mobile device) when you access certain websites. Cookies allow a website to do things such as store and recover information about the browsing habits of users or their computers. Depending on the information they contain and the manner in which a computer is used, cookies can be used to recognise a user.
What kind of cookies does this website use?
  • - Technical cookies: cookies that let users browse on a website, platform or application and use the various options and services available on them.
  • - Functionality cookies: cookies that allow users to access a service with generally predefined features based on a set of criteria on a user?s terminal such as language, and browser type.
  • - Analysis cookies: cookies that allow us to quantify users and measure and conduct a statistical analysis of their use of an offered service, in order to improve our offering of products and services.
  • - Advertising cookies: cookies that allow us to efficiently manage advertising spaces available on our website by adapting an advertisement?s content to the content of a requested service or to the use made of our website.

Bankinter cookies are temporary and, therefore, classified as follows:

  • - Session cookies: cookies that are erased once users leave the website that generated them.
  • - Persistent cookies: cookies that remain on a computer until a certain date.
These cookies make also be first- or third-party cookies.
  • - First-party cookies: cookies managed by the domain accessed by users, in which they request a certain service.
  • - Third-party cookies: cookies sent to a user?s computer from a domain other than that which the user has accessed.
Our 'cookies' help detect a user session ('session cookies') and/or a computer ('persistent cookies'), without reading data from its hard drive or ?cookie? files created by other providers.
Bankinter's cookie policy only extends to Bankinter Group. The following link will provide you with more detailed and updated information on the entities that make up Bankinter Group:


Below is a list of the cookies that are used and their related purpose:
Cookie ownership Cookie duration Type of cookie Cookie description
First-party Session Technical

- Browser session detectionr

- Browser status (if active or otherwise, etc)..

Analysis - Web analysis (service performance, statistics and availability
Persistent Technical

- Authorisations for storage on the browser of the cookies.

- Display of the disclaimer.

- Identifier of computer that is connected.

- JSF Flash Scope information maintenance. Duration of one year after being created..

- Storage of dates.

- Bankinter cache.

- Web components.

- User profiling.


- Storage of the user?s predefined language.
- Personalised notifications.
- Functionality cookie.

Third parties Persistent Analysis

- Web analysis (service performance, statistics and availability)
- Google Tag Manager


Bankinter will not be responsible for the contents or authenticity of the privacy policies of third parties included within this cookie policy.
When browsing our websites, you must accept the use of cookies. Thus, you will be consenting to the treatment of your personal data on such websites as well as to the terms and conditions found in this Cookie Policy.
How to deactivate cookies
You have the option of configuring your browser in order to receive on-screen notifications about received cookies and prevent them from being installed on your hard drive. Normally, you will not have to make any changes on your computer, since standard browser configuration authorises the use of cookies. Please read your browser?s instructions and manuals for more information:
Changes in the Cookie Policy
We recommend that you review this policy in order to sufficiently understand how and why we use cookies, as this policy may be subject to changes or updates.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the Cookie Policy, please write to Bankinter, S.A., Seguridad de la Información, Calle Pico San Pedro no 1, Tres Cantos (Madrid) 28760.


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