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Corporate Policies

Corporate governance policy of Bankinter Group

This policy contains the general principles that underpin the specific corporate policies and internal procedure rules regarding corporate governance. Together, these policies and rules form the Group?s internal corporate governance framework and are mandatory for all entities that form the Group as well as their respective governing bodies.


Anti-corruption Policy of Bankinter Group

To further demonstrate adherence to the principles governing Bankinter Group, this policy must be construed as an essential tool to disseminate a message strongly rejecting corruption, in addition to dictating rules and action principles needed to prevent and respond to any corrupt practice within the Group?s corporate operations.


Policy on Related-Party Transactions Bankinter Group

The purpose of this Policy is to detail the rules to be followed in those transactions that the Company or any of the companies in the Bankinter Group carries out with Related Persons, as defined herein, as well as the entire procedure for authorisation and publicity.

See the Bankinter Group's Policy on Related-Party TransactionsOpens in new window(152 KB) PDF document

Policy on board member selection and succession

Ensures that director appointment and re-election proposals will be based on a prior analysis of the board's needs.


Policy on incompatible activities and limitations for senior managers and other executives in Bankinter

Contains the regime that applies to the appointment and dismissal of senior managers and other executives in Bankinter, including members of the boards of directors of other companies


Policy on the training of board members of Bankinter

This policy aims to define the required principles and planning for guaranteeing that board members' qualifications are up to date, through training to ensure that they have, at all times, the abilities required to perform their supervisory duties objectively and with independent judgement.


Policy communication and contact with shareholders, investors and proxy advisors

In order to deepen communication with its shareholders and investors, domestic and foreign, as well as proxy advisors and promote transparency in the information that the entity makes public, Bankinter has formalized the following "Policy communication and contact with shareholders, investors and proxy advisors ".


Tax Strategy of Bankinter Group

Contains the purposes, principles and good tax practices that comprise the tax strategy of BANKINTER and its group

See The Tax Strategy of Bankinter GroupOpens in new window(64 KB) PDF document

Advertisement policy of Bankinter

This advertisement policy contains general action principles that Bankinter must follow when advertising its banking and investment products and services.


Internal control

The Group´s internal control mechanisms and procedures for identifying, measuring and managing risks are described in its Pillar III Report, which is updated on a yearly basis and can be found on this website under "Pillar III Report".


Bankinter Group Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the general principles governing Bankinter's treatment of the personal data of customers, shareholders and employees, in addition to its internal data protection governance framework.


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