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Legal Notice

This legal notice regulates the use of BANKINTER S.A.'s corporate website. Browsing or using the corporate web page implies full and unconditional acceptance of this legal notice. All matters not covered by this legal notice will be covered by the terms of Bankinter's general legal noticeOpens in new window
  1. Purpose and content.
    In order to provide correct, truthful and transparent corporate information, BANKINTER is making the content of the corporate website available to its shareholders, customers and users (all of whom are hereinafter referred to as "the Users") in order to comply with the information, transparency and advertising obligations laid down in current legislation.
    On this page, Users can consult, inter alia, documents relating to the Bank's corporate governance, bylaws and internal regulations, corporate and financial information, presentations to analysts and investors, information on BANKINTER shares, press releases, salient events, corporate liability content, internal regulations on professional ethics and stock market conduct, financial statements and auditors' report, call notices for Shareholders' Meeting and proposed resolutions to be submitted for approval thereat.
    Also, shareholders can use the website to request any information and clarification they require regarding the content of the web page and the agenda of the Shareholders' Meeting, which will be made available to shareholders on the web page. The information requested can be sent by post or by e-mail to the address provided by the shareholder in the request.
    The Bank can, through the website or by e-mail or text messages sent to shareholders' cell phones, request proxy votes for the Shareholders' Meeting, in accordance with legislation and the bylaws. The e-mail or the text message will be sent to the address or telephone number provided by the shareholder to the Bank.
    The Bank's communications with interested parties will be recorded electronically.
  2. Rules relating to content
    The information that appears on this page is current as of the date of the latest update. BANKINTER reserves the right to update, modify or remove the information or content of the website while complying at all times with legal information requirements.
    BANKINTER makes every effort to avoid any errors in the content of this page. BANKINTER does not assume any liability for any differences between documents published on paper and the electronic version published on this website. In the event of any discrepancies between the paper version and the electronic version, the former will prevail.Also, the Bank will not be liable for any damage or loss that may be suffered by the User as a result of any errors, defects or omissions in the information supplied by the Bank that is from an external source.
    The inclusion of financial information, press releases, opinions or other content on the web page must not under any circumstances be taken to be a suggestion, invitation or recommendation thereon by BANKINTER, and Users will be solely liable for the consequences of any purchase or investment decisions they may take on the basis of information provided on this website.
    BANKINTER does not accept any responsibility for information contained in web pages of third parties which can be accessed by means of links or search engines situated on the website.
  3. Data protection
    BANKINTER guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by Users and the automated treatment thereof pursuant to legislation on the protection of personal data and the Data Protection clause.
    The User undertakes to notify the Bank as soon as possible of any changes relating to telephone numbers or e-mail accounts. Bankinter does not accept any liability deriving from noncompliance by Users with the above; in particular, the Bank will not accept any liability deriving from the sending of messages based on data supplied by the User until the Bank receives notification of a change thereto.
  4. Intellectual and industrial property
    The intellectual property rights relating to the content, graphic design and codes of this website belong to BANKINTER and, accordingly, the reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation thereof is prohibited, except for personal and private use. Similarly, all commercial names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any kind in BANKINTER's website are protected by law.
  5. Secure environment
    Access to transactional and other services including the collection of personal data is performed in a secure environment. Users can check that they are in a secure environment by looking for the locked padlock in the lower status line.
    Secure enviroment
    Users can check that they are in BANKINTER's web pages by looking for the words "bankinter" in the upper status line.
  6.  Information on technical and security matters
    BANKINTER will not be responsible for any possible damage or loss arising from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone faults or breakdowns in the functional operation of the electronic system due to causes unrelated to the Bank; for any delays or blockages in using the current electronic system as a result of deficiencies or overloading of the telephone lines or overloading of the bank's Data Processing Center, the Internet system or of other electronic systems, or any damage that might be caused by third parties through unlawful interference beyond the Bank's control.
    BANKINTER does not accept any responsibility regarding the correct receipt of text messages or e-mails and does not guarantee the time or date of receipt of such messages or e-mails at the Customer?s terminal (cell phone, e-mail inbox or message retrieval system) when they are sent through third parties (the Customer?s telephone operator or Internet service provider) and cannot verify that the conditions required for the correct receipt of messages or e-mails exist when such messages or e-mails are sent by BANKINTER.
    BANKINTER hereby informs Users that it cannot guarantee the security, authenticity and integrity of e-mails sent to Users' e-mail accounts, since they are not sent in a secure environment and, accordingly, the inviolability of their content cannot be guaranteed. In the event of a discrepancy between the content of an e-mail received by a User and the copy kept by BANKINTER on its servers as having been sent, the latter will prevail.
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